American Board of Plastic Surgery Certified.

American Board of Plastic Surgery Certified.

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Did you know that not everyone in the Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery business is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Well, do not worry about that, because you are not going to a Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery professional that is not. You are going to Dr. Jeanette Padgett, who is board certified. What the American Board of Plastic Surgery is, is a organization that keeps its members to the highest standards. Highest standards of training, and certification, making sure that they are always the best in their field. This is what Dr. Padgett is, call her at 405 ñ 755 ñ 5115.

Dr. Padgett not only is American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified, but she is also been providing great plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery to the Oklahoma and Oklahoma City area since 1990. That is over 20 years, 20 great, fantastic years providing quality, amazing results to every single one of her patients. Her patients are her life. She truly cares about them, and the results that they are able to receive by using her. Dr. Padgett is not just a normal Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery professional, she is the best. She is the best because she actually cares. She actually started her career here, and she continues to do so, because she truly loves the Oklahoma people.

Yes, she graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and since then has decided to make it her life’s goal, her mission to provide the best, most amazing, quality, cosmetic and plastic surgery around. This shows. This shows in the way that she treat you, because she truly cares about you. This shows in the results that she is able to give you, because she has attention to detail, and she truly does want to give you the best results. She actually wants to make sure that you guys have an amazing patient and doctor relationship. Dr. Padgett provides all of her patients with a complementary consultation, that you can fill out on her website. During this time this is a chance to really get to know each other, and really understand each other, and make sure that you are going to receive those results that you are looking for.

This complementary consultation is an excellent time to ask for any questions that you might have about any of the particular procedures, or what type of results that you can be expecting. This is when she will educate you on those particular procedures, and then you guys can walk through your results that are expected is together. This is amazing time, and even a exciting time. You are going to start looking the way that you want to look!

The website where you can fill out that form, can be found at You can go there, check out the different procedures, check out some before and after pictures, and even check out the testimonials. Or you can give her a call at 405 ñ 755 ñ 5115, and let her know that you are coming.

Quality since 1990!

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Since 1990! That is over 20 years of providing quality! That is how long Dr. Jeanette Padgett has been providing amazing, quality Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery to all of her patients. Every single person that walks in her door can know that he or she is getting the best quality Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery around. That is what Dr. Padgett specializes in, is providing quality to her patients. Providing quality in both service and results. If you would like to talk to her about any questions, or you like to schedule an appointment to get some quality results, and some quality service, give her a call at 405 ñ 755 ñ 5115.

Dr. Padgett has been providing this quality for such a long time, and she is helped hundreds of both men and women get quality Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery. It is your turn. It is your turn to get this quality amazing cosmetic surgery. Whatever your reason is for needing, or wanting cosmetic surgery, it does not matter. As long as your reason is that you want the best. That is the important part. It it does not matter what you are wanting, whether it is a neck lift, or maybe you are wanting an eye lift, or a breast augmentation, or a breast reduction, or even post weight loss surgery, no, the only thing that matters is that if you are wanting the best, you need to call Dr. Padgett.

Something that makes Dr. Padgett so much more special, so much more amazing, and helps her provide those quality results since 1990, is the fact that she actually takes the time to get to you. She spends time with you. She provides a consultation where you and her can get to know each other, and she provides this for free of charge. She does this so she can listen to you, and listen to what results you are looking for, and then you guys can make a plan to get those results together. During this time, you can rest assured that you have Dr. Jeanette Padgett undivided attention. Whatever questions you have for her, she will answer.

Not only will she answer any and all of your questions that you might have, but then she will actually take the time to teach you and educate you on the different procedures that she offers, and which one is going to be the best for you, and give you the best results. This time with Dr. Padgett will give you the ability to be completely comfortable around her, and be relax. That is what she is striving to give you, she striving give each and every single person a quality, relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. Does this sound like your type of place?

If it does sound like your type of place, then you need to call her, or go to her website and fill out an online form. If you do one of those two things, you can schedule your free consultation with her, and get on your way to seeing quality, amazing results. You can call her at 405 ñ 755 ñ 5115, or you can go to the website Why you are on the website, be sure to check out the specials area, to see what we have on special currently.