In Need of a Breast Reduction from a Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery Professional?

In Need of a Breast Reduction from a Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery Professional?

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Dr. Padgett is one of the best Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery professionals in not only the entire city, but the entire state. She provides each one of her patients with the ultimate care, while providing the ultimate skill. One of Dr. Padgett’s greatest strength is the ability to really listen to her patients and understand what their wanting. That’s why she can produce such great results on any number of cosmetic surgery may be needing. She is done at all from post weight loss liposuction to eye lifts. Many times the size of your breasts can make you feel uncomfortable and be burdensome. That’s for Dr. Padgett comes in. She can skillfully remove that uncomfortable feeling that you are experiencing through your breasts. If you would like to see some results, or schedule an appointment and or free consultation, to go to

Breasts can be the source of a lot of tension that you’re not necessarily wanting, or even keep you from doing active things that you may love. Many times breasts can be a proportional to your frame or be the source of low self-esteem. Whatever the reason may be for needing a breast reduction, Dr. Padgett is confident that she will be able to help you. By getting a breast reduction from a true Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery professional, many times you will notice back and/or shoulder pain disappear.

Dr. Padgett is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has been providing her patients the best cosmetic surgery that is out there for over 20 years. She realizes the need for some patients to receive a breast reduction, and is waiting for you to contact her. She will want to schedule a consultation with you to really get to know you and what you are wanting. If you are ready to get your clothes fitting better, or relieve some of that back pain, maybe it’s time you scheduled a time with her.

Once your breasts are fully developed, Dr. Padgett can perform a breast reduction surgery on you at almost any age. There is no time better than today to get you feeling better. If you find that one breast is larger than the other, or you’re sick of the unwanted attention, breast reduction surgery may be for you. It’s time to feel how you want to feel, it’s time to be full of confidence, have improved self-esteem. All of this can start as soon as you just set up a consultation.

If you go to the website you can find only testimonials, but there are several before and after pictures that you can see as well. Dr. Padgett is very proud of the work that she has done, and continues to do and cannot wait to help you achieve your goals. Just go to the website and check out the before and after pictures, or give her a call at 405 ñ 755 ñ 5115.


The Best Breast Lifts in the Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery Business.

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If you’re looking for the best breast lift in the Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery business then you have come to the right place. You found the home of Dr. Jeanette Paget was been providing amazing results in the Oklahoma City area for over 20 entire years. She is not only American Board of Plastic Surgery certified but is also a member of several very prestigious plastic surgery groups as well. She specializes in not only improving the way people look, but truly helping them in the way they feel about themselves. We like to read a little bit more about her, or hear some testimonials than just visit her website at

It doesn’t matter what the reason, many women have found themselves in need or are in want of a breast lift one time or another. It may be due to age, it may be due to pregnancy and/or breast-feeding, it could be in age reason, maybe lost much weight. Whatever the reason is, the best breast lifts are found at Dr. Padgett’s Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery. She will walk you through the entire process from start to finish, and thoroughly go over what type of results you can expect from her. There will be no surprises, and she will go through all of this with you with the utmost professionalism and respect that you would expect from a professional.

Just as there are many reasons for needing a breast lift, there are just as many if not more reasons to get one. By having Dr. Padgett surgically perform a breast lift, or reshaping, you can experience many great results. Women with a breast lift have experienced the feeling of being younger, feeling more confident, feeling better about themselves, and even being able to wear is also uncomfortably. That’s just a few of the many reasons so many people have chosen Dr. Padgett as their Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery professional. Whatever the reason, you can guarantee great results.

Many times patients will combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation. During these procedures you can completely reshape, and even resize your breasts. There are several different options to choose from if receiving a breast augmentation such as the different types of implants. We offer saline or silicone gel, and there are many other things to consider. Turn back time with one of our amazing breast lifts and or breast augmentations.

No need to feel overwhelmed about the different possibilities and results that you may experience when choosing a breast lift from Dr. Padgett. She realizes how overwhelming physical process can be, and strives to make it an easy one. She wants to invite you to a personal and private consultation so you can fully explain what you’re expecting and wanting. If you want to see any before and after pictures, or to schedule that private consultation just go to the website