The Best Male Breast Reduction the Oklahoma City Plastic Surgery Business.

The Best Male Breast Reduction the Oklahoma City Plastic Surgery Business.

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You are not alone, many men actually experience enlarged breasts. Enlarged male breasts are actually a very common disease. It can be caused by several different things, including certain medication that you may be taking. But all too often there is no explanation. In fact studies show that up to 60% of the male population can suffer from enlarged breasts. Luckily there’s an easy and professional way to remove it. Oklahoma City Plastic Surgery professional Dr. Jeanette Padgett specializes in male breast reduction. She offers several different ways to do this, if you would like to read a little more about either one than just visit the website at

Dr. Padgett is a true professional who has been working in her Oklahoma City Plastic Surgery business for a long time. In fact, it’s been over 20 years. The secret to her success, has been in the way that she treats patients. She is a true customer service, patient focused professional who understands that without patients she has no business. She strives to provide each patient with the feeling that there will be no other cosmetic surgeon that has the patient’s feelings in mind, more than her. It doesn’t matter what your situation may be, Dr. Padgett promises to handle every single patient with the highest sensitivity and confidence.

Dr. Padgett offers a couple different ways to remove enlarged breasts for men. She offers both, liposuction, and a male breast reduction procedure. She wants to give each patient is many options to choose from as possible to make sure they are comfortable. Whether you choose like a suction or the breast reduction procedure, you can just go ahead and guarantee that the results will be amazing. Dr. Padgett wants to help you achieve the way you want to look, and help restore your confidence to the fullest.

Most men who suffer from enlarged breasts also suffer from lower confidence. Dr. Padgett wants to help restore that confidence, and help you feel the best that you can. Most patients that undergo a male breast reduction surgery come out with a more defined more chiseled chest, and have found to have an increased sense of who they are as a man. Dr. Padgett is here to help you in any questions you may have about the male breast reduction procedures, and can help you decide which procedure would be best for you.

Although the reason for enlarged male breasts may not be able to be explained, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to control how you look. It’s your body, and your life, you should build look how you desire. That’s Dr. Padgett’s hope and desire for you and each patient that enlists her services. We like to learn more or get in touch with someone about scheduling your consultation the goal line at or call 405-755-5115.

Looking for Top-Notch Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery?

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Are you looking for a Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery practice that will really listen to you? That will really sit down with you and help you plan out your goals and how to achieve them? Are you looking for a that prides itself on patient focus? Are you sick of going to different plastic surgeon is to find out that too many of them are the same? That all stops here with Dr. Jeanette Padgett. Dr. Padgett gives every single one of her customers and potential clients to her promise that you’ll receive the time you need and deserve to make each procedure the way that you want to be. Dr. Padgett gives every single one of her patients personal attention, and the chance to meet with her in a private consultation. Dr. Padgett stands out from all of the other cosmetic surgeons out there. Visit our website at

One of the many things that our patients complimented us on a regular basis is how patient focused our practice is. It’s one of the first things that people notice about us. It’s not that hard a concept, without patients we would not have a Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery business. So many times surgeons and doctors have that God complex where they think that everyone is below them, but that’s not the case with Dr. Padgett. She’s been providing excellent cosmetic surgery practice to Oklahoma City for over not 5, not 10, but 20 years! There’s a reason that she has been able to provide amazing service to so many people for so long and that is our dedication to patient focus.

One of the other things that many of our patients have noticed throughout the years is how dedicated we are to safety. We make sure that every single one of her patients that comes to us for any procedure at all, realizes that they are in good hands. Each case the Dr. Padgett handles is handled with the highest respect and confidence possible. Dr. Padgett’s goal is for every single patient to come through her door feeling at ease and knowing that she has their best interests at heart. As one of the many reasons that Dr. Padgett offers a free, private consultation with her before any procedure is done.

In that private consultation, Dr. Padgett gives you a chance to raise any questions and concerns that you might have about any procedure at all. It doesn’t matter if you have questions about facial rejuvenation, tummy tucks, or maybe breast reduction or augmentation, whatever the questions are Dr. Padgett will be sure to give you all the time it takes for her to answer the questions and fix any concerns you have. Dr. Padgett realizes that confidence and sensitivity are two key components to having a successful Oklahoma City Cosmetic Surgery business and both of those things she will not be surpassed on.

If you want to see what truly makes Dr. Padgett and staff stand apart from all other cosmetic and plastic surgeons, the all you have to do is get a phone call or go website. You’ll be a will to tell and feel the difference immediately. From the way you’re treated, to the results you will get, Dr. Padgett strives to be an always be the very best. Check out their website at