What Patients Are Saying


My name is Cynthia Hall, and I went on the website. I pulled up a list of doctors and I noticed a doctor, and it was Jeanette Padgett and it was female so that made me want to call her more than any of the others.
I knew that I would be treated well, but it was far beyond what I thought it was going to be. It was, excuse me, because it was so important to me to have this done. She was just great. She treated me really well, and she really cared how I felt. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Padgett to a friend.


My name is Paula, and I came to see Dr. Padgett from a referral from a friend. From the front office to anything you have done, from the beginning of the calling for the appointment, coming in, they make it feel so calm, and it’s just so professional in every aspect. Dr. Padgett helped me achieve exactly what I was looking for. As a woman, usually you don’t want to tell your secrets of what you’re having done and where, but if someone asks, I would tell them.

Mary Jane

My name is Mary Jane, and I originally heard of Dr. Padgett from a friend of mine in high school. The best thing about the experience with Dr. Padgett, of course, is the results. Yes, it was definitely helpful for me to work with a doctor who was a woman. She has the same concerns about looks as I do, and she has tiny little hands that make really great stitches. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Padgett to a friend, and I have recommended Dr. Padgett to a friend, and they have used her.


Just from start to finish with Dr. Padgett, I just felt like she was, like I said, real. She would talk to me, explain everything to me. When I left here, I felt comfortable of knowing what I was about to go and experience with my surgery. It was very helpful for me to have a woman as my doctor because obviously she knows what I’m going through as a woman. I felt more secure with her. My husband felt more secure with her. We were able to sit and speak with Dr. Padgett, and it felt just more comfortable than with having a man as a doctor. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Padgett to a friend, and I already have. One day, if i need something else, this will be my doctor to come back to. Especially as a I get older, I will be back.
Each patient who had Oklahoma City Plastic Surgery.