Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

 Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

This content was written for Dr. Padgett

        Dr. Padgett pays careful attention to every single patient that walks through the door of her office. Her goal is to provide a place of comfort and trust for both men and women who are looking to help their bodies out with surgery after massive weight loss. She has been working in plastic surgeon for most of her life and has the skills and knowledge to provide patients with the best possible experience. If you are looking to enhance your new found body after losing weight we can help. Give us a call today at 405-755-5115.

        Dr. Padgett is one of the leading experts in plastic surgery and can provide you with a detailed process of each and every procedure that is provided to you. You have gone through so much already to have such a major weight loss that making you look as good as you feel is the ultimate goal. And she will make you look great. She takes care of all of her clients and customizes each procedure to exactly what each one is in need of or wants. No matter if you want work on your stomach, arms or legs, Dr. Padgett can get it done.

       Dr. Padgett strives to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for each and every patient that enters through he doors. We never want you to feel nervous or uneasy. And we understand it can be if it’s your first time. Dr. Padgett will make you feel at ease and explain everything to you so you can understand it fully and completely.  She will never push or prod you into anything you feel uncomfortable with and will work with you so you get the most out of what you are looking for or looking to look like after surgery after massive weight loss.

        Surgery after massive weight loss can give you a more natural looking body to match how you feel on the inside. Tummy tucks and other procedures are very good for helping out specific areas of your body and skin that can look different and cause insecurities after major weight loss. There is only so much a person can do in the gym after losing a major amount of weight to lift and tighten the skin around areas where lots of fat was lost.  So that’s where Dr. Padgett comes in, to fix those areas for you and make you look great.

             Give her a call to get started with your consultation and find out what procedures can be done to help you get one step closer to achieving your ideal body. Dr. Padgett has the expertise in the skills to get you from where you are at to where you want to be. Surgery after massive weight loss is not a light subject and should be thought through and we want make sure you understand the pros and the cons of every procedures that we think can benefit you.