When it comes to treating and improving your skin, laser skin treatments have long been the answer for those seeking facial rejuvenation. With the ability to treat fine lines and wrinkles, laser treatments are able to help you restore and refresh your appearance. But those amazing results come at a cost. The nearly surgical procedure creates pain, risk and extended downtime for most patients. These cons to laser treatments are not something all patients can afford to experience. Which is why Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jeanette Padgett is excited to be able to offer her patients a ground-breaking alternative to the typical laser skin treatment: Skinfinity.

Skinfinity is a new type of a skin treatment that uses radio frequency (rather than a wavelength of light) to treat skin quickly and effectively. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and actually helps shrink the skin, due to its heat generation. With Skinfinity, patients can be treated with a topical anesthetic, so they don’t need to be asleep during a procedure.  And with a specialized delivery mechanism that utilizes a roller tip, Skinfinity is a treatment that can be done in less than 10 minutes, with less downtime for the patient afterward.

“I’ve been very pleased with Skinfinity,” said Dr. Padgett. “And patients like the Skinfinity treatments because they can be done in the office with very limited down time. There is redness for only a few days and hardly any swelling, so the patient can return to work in a few days.”

The minimal pain and quick recovery period was a huge benefit for patient Jan Johnson.

“I tried a laser treatment a few years ago and it was extremely painful,” said Johnson. “Skinfinity was very different. The pain during the treatment was very tolerable and I had no pain at all once she was done. And I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I healed. I basically looked like I had a sunburn, so it didn’t keep me from work and my normal routine.”

Another benefit of Skinfinity is that it can be used on any skin type, unlike many traditional laser treatments. Patients with darker skin pigment are able to benefit from the quick results of Skinfinity and all patients can be treated year round.

As the first doctor in Oklahoma to offer Skinfinity treatments, Dr. Padgett has been pleased with results her patients have seen with this new product.

“I’m excited to be able to offer this new technology to my patients,” said Dr. Padgett. “Good results and satisfied patients are what I’m after, and Skinfinity definitely delivers.”

“My skin is softer and smoother after Skinfinity,” said Johnson. “I’ll definitely be seeing Dr. Padgett for another treatment.”

Dr. Jeanette Padgett is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has been practicing plastic surgery in Oklahoma City since 1990. For more information about Skinfinity or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call 405-755-5115 or visit