Look And Feel Years Younger with Facial Plastic Surgery in OKC

Facial plastic surgery is becoming more popular every year. Recent statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveal that two of the top five most popular plastic surgery procedures are now facial procedures.

As well, minimally invasive facial cosmetic procedures are continually on the rise, with the most dramatic increases in demand being seen in the areas of microdermabrasion, chemical peels, soft tissue fillers and injectables.

Why is this, you might be wondering? Today we are enjoying unprecedented increases in human longevity – so much so that some online authority sources have gone so far as to call “100 the new 80.”

But who really wants to live longer if you can’t at least look as young as you feel? This is the beauty and the appeal of facial plastic surgery in today’s modern society.

Happily, the field of cosmetic procedures is more than keeping up with the times, finding ever more creative and minimally or non-invasive ways to turn back the clock, erase the years and allow you to truly put your best face forward every single day.

Today’s Plastic Surgeon: Physician + Artist

Today’s plastic surgeon isn’t just a highly trained physician but is also a skilled artist, delivering deeply personalized treatments that enhance and refine your natural strengths.

Many patients initially seek out the help of a plastic surgeon to address just one problem area on the face. In some cases patients are seeking a more comprehensive approach to restore overall vitality, glow and youthful appearance to the face and neck areas. Thanks to modern technology, it is often possible to combine more than one cosmetic procedure into a single appointment to save both time and money.

Patients who are pressed for time may opt for minimally invasive or non-invasive cosmetic procedures that deliver near-instant results with little to no downtime. Such procedures, which include fillers, injectables, peels, PRP (blood plasma transfer) and similar others.

Two Steps When Seeking Facial Plastic Surgery

There are two important steps to take when you are interested in reaping the many benefits of facial plastic surgery.

The first step is to identify the plastic surgeon who will perform your procedure(s). The second step is to determine exactly which procedure(s) will best achieve your goals in full.

It is very important to perform these two steps in order for best results. If you have ever found yourself binge-watching Netflix hits such as “Botched” about plastic surgery procedures gone wrong, you already know why your choice of plastic surgeon is the number one most important choice you will ever make.

After all, you will be entrusting your plastic surgeon with your face. It is the only face you have. If something goes wrong, you can’t just trade it out for a new one.

Because the vast majority of today’s cosmetic surgery procedures are highly personalized and refined to each patient’s bone and facial structure, musculature, individual health history and appearance goals, this makes your choice of plastic surgeon absolutely essential to achieving the desired results.

You want an experienced, confident, compassionate, highly trained professional plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure(s) you select. Most importantly, you want to choose a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable talking and working with – someone you trust to recommend the best approach to achieve and even surpass your appearance goals.

4 Most Popular & Requested Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

These are some of the most-requested facial plastic surgery procedures performed nationwide today. Talk with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ann Padgett about which procedure(s) will best meet your appearance goals.

Brow Lift.

A brow lift is often combined with an eyelid lift to ease wrinkles and frown lines, produce a brighter and more youthful appearance in the upper facial area and restore a smooth, youthful glow to the eye area.

Neck Lift.

A neck lift addresses one of the most prevalent issues created by the natural process of aging: “turkey neck.”

Because the skin of the face and neck is exposed to a great deal of natural sun damage, wrinkles and aging can be seen in these areas more readily. As the skin wrinkles and loses shape, it begins to sag, creating the appearance of the “double chin” that the neck lift has been designed to reverse.

Face Lift.

A face lift can address the natural signs of aging in both the face and the neck area. A face lift is often performed with an eyelid lift for maximum impact.

A face lift can address wrinkles, sagging or loose skin, worry lines, loss of skin elasticity and glow and other age-related issues.

Eyelid Lift.

Eyelid surgery can be done on either the upper eyelids or the lower eyelids or both together.

An eyelid lift can be done for either cosmetic or medical reasons or both. Sometimes patients seek an eyelid lift when a sagging eyelid causes visual obstruction.

6 Most Popular & Requested Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Chemical Peel.

As its name suggests, a chemical peel is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses chemicals to lift away the years.

Chemical peels can address acne, skin scarring, pigmentation imbalances, wrinkles, lines, sun damage, age spots, scaly or rough skin and other surfacial issues.


Microdermabrasion uses topical application of micro-crystals to smooth away the outer layer of age-damaged skin and stimulate production of collagen.


The Skinfinity treatment uses radio frequency to quickly treat the skin’s surface to restore a youthful, even glow.


Micro-needling uses a very fine pen to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, pigment imbalance and more.


PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma (aka the “vampire facial”). PRP is combined with micro-needling to revitalize your skin’s condition and appearance.

Dermal Fillers.

A variety of dermal fillers exist to add back plumpness, glow, youthful appearance and uniformity to facial skin.

Plastic Surgery in Oklahoma City

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